Final Project

The Interference of Movies in Real Life!

Video – Mini TV Show

Audio Clip- Tristan Smith

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If you are a certified movie watcher than it is more than certain that movies have influenced your life decisions, moods, or even views. Movies are based on almost every topic that deals with life, classic, action, comedy, romance, mystery, thrill, you get the picture. Each topic gives of a different influence to the person who is watching.

Tristan Smith, an English major and French minor, is one who is influenced by television. Tristan opened up about his love for movie merchandise, something he’s always been in to since he was an adolescent. Of course you might think, “everyone buys movie merchandise”, well technically… not true. Tristan is a rare case, one who buys his merchandise and is not scared to show it off. Tristan recently shared a couple of pictures with me of him wearing his Deadpool shirt, jacket and hat as well as his Captain America and Steven the Universe shirt and hat. He also stated that he does have more merchandise at his home about 3 hours outside where he goes to school and that his room is filmed with different Marvel and D.C. clothing.

In summary, movies have the power to influence society. Society loves a good trending topic and people’s reactions to those trends influence the movie goers. A perfect example of this can be Film and Comic Cons, as well as people living their fantasy weddings.  In each case, the influence can be positive or negative.