It’s Moanaaaaaaa *sings in falsetto*

Hello again my readers! I figured I would finally write about one of my top favorite animations.. MOANA!

Disney has done it once again with a fantastic princess movie and if you haven’t seen Moana by this time then believe me, you are definitely missing out. Moana is about a young  and adventurous teen who must follow her destiny so she can take care of her people, along the way Moana gets help from a demigod by the name of Maui, played by the one and only Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This film came out in theaters around November 2016 and I can honestly say I watched this movie a total of seven times, in that time span, and learned the soundtrack in exactly one week.

I recently told you guys that I love musical animations and I WAS NOT kidding! The soundtrack to this movie is pretty outstanding and the story line is of course THE BOMB.COM!

Moana is now on DVD and Blu-Ray so really if you haven’t seen it, it’s like ONE DOLLAR on Redbox and free via internet (FYI, I’m pretty sure this is illegal LOL but we all do it anyway) .

Rating: 10/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

IMDB: 7.7/10

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