get out

Hey my favorite readers! I definitely have a new movie for you guys, if you have not seen it. I am a little late on watching this movie because I recently picked up a job and got a life…. welcome to adult hood!

Anyways, the movie is called GET OUT.  If you know the comedian from Comedy Central’s Key and Peele, Jordan Peele, then you will be happy to know that he directed and produced this crazy but really good thriller.

I wasn’t expecting this movie to be as good as it was and a lot of people really hyped it up so I took the time out of my busy schedule to watch it with one of my friends, and it surely shocked the hell out of me.

As some of you may heard, it is a movie about a black guy dating a white girl and meeting her family for the first time then getting all of this disturbing stuff done to him. BUT, it is not a racist movie but more of a sociable thriller that points out different social demons in humans. There is a scene where Chris, the main character aka the black guy, ask why they mainly target black people and the guy says “I could care less about color. We just want your ability.”Also hinting that black people run fast (a very funny stereotype I love to laugh at).

I do recommend this movie though because it really is a good movie and has a lot of positive and eye opening reviews! So please look into it and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Rating: 10/10

imbd: 8.3/10

rotten tomatoes: 99%

Roger Ebert: 3/4


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