Fifty Shades Crazier

unnamedHey Readers! I received passes via email to go see Fifty Shades Darker tonight and it was pretty damn bomb. I recently told you guys that I will show you how to receive advance screening passes to see movies before the actual release date so please look forward to that in my next blog!

Tonight, I’m going to tell you guys about this crazy but very sexual, intense, and amazing film.

First off, if you have read the original trilogy and the most recent E.L. James novel, Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey As Told by Christian, DO NOT expect these movies to go into every detail.. because it doesn’t.

If you saw the first film for Fifty Shades of Grey then you are well aware this movie is very sex-filled but the second one not so much. Now, do not get your hopes up if that’s what you’re interested in, there is still a lot of sex… just not as much.

This movie goes into a much deeper plot which I LOVED and you never really know how crazy Christian is until all the old “want to be sex slaves” start popping up and his inner self starts surfacing again causing problems between him and Ana. (We clearly see she likes Christian for who he is and just loves to complain about his submissive ways because why else would she keep running back to him?)

This film has a lot of laughs and “awwww” but overall it’s really crazy guys.

The end of these movies will always upset me because they end with cliffhangers and forces me to wait until the next movie to see more!!!

I really don’t want to spoil so please if you like these movies go see this on FEBRUARY 10th!! (When it’s released to the public)

I rate this movie a 9/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 4.3/10

but who cares about them? It’s not even legitimately out yet for more people to review. This movie is bomb!

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