The Loft


Hey readers! This week I chose to watch a mystery thriller… The LoftThe Loft is a film about five married friends who secretly share a penthouse loft where they have discrete affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. The fantasy then takes a turn in the wrong direction when the men discover a dead body of an unknown woman. The mystery of the woman is slowly revealed through flashbacks of events leading up to the present of her death. 

I really enjoyed the idea of this movie, it has plot twist after plot twist and will constantly leave you guessing until the very end. I also feel as if this movie was made for married men, by married men(the directors), who want to live through unfaithful men. But, the directors quickly show how the life of unfortunate events can quickly crash and burn.

I highly recommend this movies to those who have not seen it and are really interested in mysteries and thrillers. This movie is 5 star rankings on Netflix, so why not go add it
to your list of movies

#TheLoftFilm #Movies #ThrillerFilm #MysteryFilm #SuspenseFilm #MoviesWithAffairs

#Suspense #Thriller #Mystery



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