Hey there! Welcome to Are U Screening? This is a blog I created to help you all get some insight on movies! I am an advanced movie watcher and what makes it even better is the movies I watch are for FREE!! I love to critique and review movies and then share my opinions (Clearly, I have no life).. I also like to help other people review movies so I am also here to show you guys just how to do that if you do not already know how and no, I am not talking about watching ‘putlocker’ on your laptop.. but instead, getting to watch a screening for free, in the movies, two days before it originally comes out to the public! How great does that sound? So please grab you popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show and I’ll promise not to spoil too much(:

I also like to blog about older movies that I have not seen and hopefully you haven’t seen them either.

And, if you guys liked to throw movies nights or movie parties I will definitely blog about those things too!


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